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GALAXY Volunteer Leaders Training Programme

GALAXY Volunteer Leaders Training Programme (GALAXY) was launched since the year 2010 - 2011, which is our first own recruitment program. GALAXY encourages personal development and creativity. We believe that each person, like different stars in the galaxy, is unique with different potentials. Through discovering and developing his/her own strengths and talents, everyone can contribute to the community and warm up the hearts of all the people in need. And when organizing volunteer projects, ideas and creativity are always welcome. They can create our OWN volunteer projects, with all their ideas and their wills to turn these ideas to reality.


In the program, we recruit university students and provide various training workshops and activities. In the end they would organize their own volunteer projects and share their experiences among different volunteers. We are proud to organize our 11th GALAXY Programme now!

GALAXY 2022 - 2023

- Registration Closed - 

Our past GALAXY Volunteer Leaders Training Programme

GALAXY 2022-2023

Application Deadline

15 September 2022

GALAXY 義工領袖訓練計劃 (1).png
GALAXY 2021-2022

Application Deadline

31 October 2021

GALAXY 2019-2020

Application Deadline

1 Jan 2020

GALAXY 2017-2018

Application Deadline

17 Sept 2017

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