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2019 - 2020 Hear Plus One, Hear As One

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Host Leos kicked off our first 「家.聆一」service project session on Jan 12th. It was an Expressive Art Therapy that enhances the physical and mental health of participants by visual arts 🎨, music 🎼, drama🎥, and dance 💃🕺. Activities include drawing, sharing of works, imitation, dancing, action creation, and etc. The activity was designed according to the abilities and needs of the participants with Professional Art Therapist, Jelly.

"Art 🎨 breaks the boundaries of language."

"Languages 🗣 are different in all parts of the world. Only physical language is the same."

Most people use vocal and textual expressions to receive a message. Sometimes they are limited by words and ignore body language. Art Therapy was to express their emotions through artistic creation.「家聆一」service project is a hearing-impaired communion plan. The plan is co-organized by The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf's Youth Support Network. Besides Art Therapy, the second session will be a sports experience 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️. Participants will learn how to play dodge bee, and there will be a competition. Through sports experience, participants can establish communication and develop personal potential. The third session will be a public service. We will promote hearing-impaired communication to the public by organizing human libraries 🤓 and deaf experiences.

In the latter half of the service project, we organised Webinar section. We are proud to have nearly 60 participants learning sign language together, understand the daily difficulties of hearing impaired and deaf people, and move towards an inclusive society. Thank you to the co-organizer The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf and the three speakers. We hope that everyone would be able to benefit from the Human Library event, and continue to pay more attention to the integration of hearing impairment and healthy hearing in the future. We believe that if you listen👂, you will hear.

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