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2018 - 2019 Happiness At Once


According to the UN World Happiness Report, Hong Kong has dropped five spots to rank 76th among 156 countries and cities. Some researches found that the happiness ratings among Hong Kong teenagers were much lower. In the light of this, our theme service project this year “Happiness at Once”, which is co-organised with The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) Students Affairs Office has kicked off last Thursday. 21 students have been selected as the Organising Committee of the coming service plan.

We have planned a series of activities like Online Challenge, Training workshops and school services along the year.


<Happiness at Once - Laughter yoga>

Happiness is simple. Whether you are happy or frustrated, you can always encourage yourself with positive wordings or physical movements. Let’s try saying “very good, very good, yeah” and give thumbs up to yourselves! Happiness can also be shared. During the workshop, you may laugh for no reason, but sometimes you may laugh because you see that your friends next to you are laughing! After the laughter yoga workshop, we had a meeting to report on each team’s working progress to make sure everything is on the right track and plan better for the next activity.

Actions speak louder than words! Let’s join the Happy Share Challenge!

1. Sharing a happy story in your everyday life: Little things happened in your daily lives may make you feel blessed and happy. We hope that all of us can enjoy and treasure every happy moment in our fast-paced lives, and share them on Facebook / Instagram.
2. “T” hand gesture: T represents Talk, Teens, Together and Touch.
3. Please also tag three friends to join Happy Share Challenge!


<Happiness at once - Light Painting School Service>

Host Leos and the organising committee members of “Happiness At Once” went to Kam Tsin Village Ho Tung School and started the first school service — light painting workshop. The target audience were primary four to six students. During the workshop, the students experienced the process and had fun of making light paintings. 

We also went to the other 19 primary schools to share happiness. Other than light printing, we will also have Pastel Nagomi Art, epoxy resin craft and bookmark workshops.

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