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Host Artizen 主會藝文青

《主會藝文青 - 亮花一朵朵工作坊》

HOST Leos organized our fund raising event 《主會藝文青 - 亮花一朵朵工作坊》. The theme of this year’s fundraising is “Light and Flower”, a simple relationship between light and flower is photosynthesis which also implies the relationship between Leo Host and the 50 Health Ambassadors under our service project 《益力多 Help Health》this year. Our Leos will use our experiences and influences to motivate the students and to make them growth and stronger, just like how the light helping the flower to growth.

Under our service project, we will also donate some foods to someone in needs, just like the oxygen produced from photosynthesis, we will also contribute to the community.

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