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2015 - 2016 Hear We Are



In 2015-2016, the theme project is “Hear We Are”. It is a breakthrough in the history of Host. Instead of serving  a  specific service target, we cooperated with a charitable organisation, namely Silence, to promote social integration with the deaf and hard of hearing.

For the whole theme project, it consists of three parts.

Embrace The Silence

It was a fundraising event. We held a “Deaf Experience  Workshop” for other Leo Clubs. The participants were  required  to  wear  earmuffs  and  remained  silent  in  the  event. There were games for the participants to  experience the difficulties of the hearing impaired.

Hear They Are

It consisted of three training sessions for HOST members to learn the basic sign language. The trainer is a volunteer from Silence. She taught us basic expression about greeting, number, locations, etc. 


Hear We Are


It was a “Deaf Experience Day”, in which around    200 citizens attended. There were fun fair stalls    and “Silence City”. Through the experiences in the stalls, the participants could learn the  basic  sign  language  and songs. Host members and volunteers from  Silence held the stalls together. “Silence City” allowed the participants to experience a normal day of deaf people by putting up earmuffs. They went to simulated wet market, clinic and cinema from a new perspective.

Service project is the core of a leo club. Starting a new theme project is easy but the real challenge is how to avoid repeating yourselves. This year we did an excellent job to initialise a new approach to cooperate with service target, as well as to insert the element of service into fundraising and training. All these set an example for the next few years. Another remarkable highlight is the cooperation among members. They are devoted to turning zero to one. It was my honour to serve with these fellows to have such achievement.

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